Car Appraisal

The costs and prices for vehicle appraisals are handled quite differently by different testing organizations in Germany generally.
We have some information for you on your way. We are happy to personally support.

Analasys about damages that they have caused themselves to your vehicle, or caused by storms, fire, theft or burglary.

Such damage you Subordination against your insurance. Normally, you wrote this before the regulatory sequence.

Your vehicle has been damaged by a third party.

For example, another road users (car, motorcycle, moped or cyclists, pedestrians) has caused damage to your vehicle.

In this case, only you have to examine the right to appoint an expert to the damage to your vehicle, if it is above € 500.00.

Documents “value” of your vehicle against comparative vehicles on the market.

It helps to insure the value that you have invested in your vehicle, such as total and special modifications to motorcycles, restoration of vehicles and conversions of special vehicles.