Accident Reports

Not to be even a disadvantage as concerning a traffic accident financially, you should consult an independent automotive expert who finds the damage to your vehicle exactly and neutral in an accident report.

They must hire as injured after a traffic accident the full right an automotive expert of your choice to secure evidence and determination of the damage scope to prove your claim for damages.

In the damage assessment prepared by us are all factors that are necessary for a smooth settlement of claims or legal assertion, determined.

It sets out a possible impairment, the residual value in total loss of the vehicle and the replacement time in addition to the repair costs, a vehicle review, the repair time.

In the automotive appraisals prepared by us the latest legislative changes and case law into account.

The motor vehicle accident report includes a digital photo documentation of the vehicle and its damage are identified. Any alterations such as Vehicle lowering, multimedia systems, special alloy wheels and other value-influencing factors are considered in the expert opinion of us.

The tour of your vehicle is usually on the same day of the appointment, to suit the light conditions for perfect and secure evidence photos.
Otherwise, the vehicle inspection is done the next day or as agreed.

The report completion occurs i.d.R. within 3 working days.

The report will then be sent by post or email to the taxable insurance or to your lawyer and to you.

The cost of creating an automotive expert report part of your compensation claims and are therefore to be paid by polluters or its liability insurance.