Towing and Securing

Your car towing in Dusseldorf area 24 hour emergency call by the injection of your calls to our disposition.

  • We will get on the phone with your company name – our modern disposition center recognizes the specific calls for you.
  • We can help your clients breakdown or accident, all tuned as with you.
  • We also offer car hire at as accident or breakdown replacement for your customers to remain mobile at all times.
  • Whether breakdown, accident or failure to boot: Our specially trained staff to face any challenge and find the right solution quickly and reliably.
  • To support your mobility, are available around the clock from our team with breakdown, pickup, towing and recovery vehicles.
  • Your vehicle must be kept safe by an accident? No problem, we will take immediate action. It is parked on our secured site.
  • Our partners are Schutzbrief insurances, government, dealers, movie and TV productions and other well-known companies.

Park interferer make sure you are annoyed also unjustified parked vehicles on your home or customer parking spaces. However, the Federal Court has accepted this problem and decided that unauthorized towed parked on land owned vehicles and must only be issued against payment of the cost of towing (AZ V ZR 144/08 of 05 June 2009).

We are happy to take us your problem, remove illegally parked vehicles from your land and spend them on our freezing places in Neuss and Dormagen. Thus you can ensure that your parking space is exclusively your purposes. This service is provided to you at no cost, as the park troublemakers shall pay any costs incurred directly in our office. The only prerequisite is that you finish with our company a contract that entitles us to tow vehicles from your land. All other steps such as Holder investigation and reporting of regulatory authorities naturally take over we.


We are a certified member of the Association of Berger and towing companies (VBA Wuppertal). Therefore, we can assure you, to accommodate the vehicles without damage and safely exclude u m later complaints.