Wide tires, impressive spoilers, low-slung Chassi and racy sound …

Nowadays, vehicles of different brands the same always know who wants to stand out visually or under the hood still want to hide a few horsepower, which can rely on our tuning skills. In close consultation with the customer, we will discuss all the details and make every production vehicle unique.


Let tune not only your performance, optimize using “eco-tuning” also your fuel.

Using Chip tuning can be influenced so that a simultaneous fuel saving of up to 20% is made possible by an increase in output the series engine management software. As the vehicle manufacturers are careful to maintain a uniform torque is maintained over the entire speed range, the opportunity arises, the optimal utilization of the performance potential through change in engine software to achieve. This increases the efficiency and the fuel consumption increases decreases.

  • TÜV tested quality
  • chip tuning by an expert
  • Modern Programming
  • Dyno performance increases with warranty
  • Special software development for vehicles with particulate filter

Make an appointment with us and let us tune your vehicle and what possibilities you have!